Are they energy efficient?

Yes, Blokable units meet current energy codes and are prepared for a project LEED rating. Bloks are built to meet or exceed current energy standards and because each Blok comes with advanced smart home technology, each controls the efficient use of electricity, water, and interior climate. We are installing the most energy efficient systems available today, and constantly developing methods to increase efficiency.

Can I access the mechanical systems to make repairs or upgrades

Bloks are designed to service almost all its systems without the necessity of opening walls in most cases. Where it can not be achieved we will have a detailed shop manual of videos detailing the steps to maintain our systems. Our systems will be fully upgradeable for both hardware and software. Upgrades will be intuitive and simple so the homeowner can make repairs and upgrades through our video training.

Can I add new devices to the BlokSense system?

BlokSense enables the seamless addition and upgrade of a myriad of current “smart home” devices and features. We have built in a robust and flexible system created for today’s technology and expansion into future technologies.

Can I customize the exterior design

Blokables exteriors come in several carefully selected combinations of materials to make your choices simple, keep your costs low, and ensure a lifetime of durable and timeless aesthetics. If our selections just don’t meet your needs or desires, a Blokable sales associate can guide you through the process of custom selections that work with our construction system.

Can I move Bloks after they’re installed?

Yes, some of our Blokable units are designed to be moved after installation. If this is a requirement during the configuration process (we will be asking you this during the design process, so don’t fret) you will be required to use the Blokable unit types that are moveable and able to be re-stacked. Bloks are designed to be moved from factory to site using standard intermodal trucks and placed on site using standard construction cranes. If a single Blok or a building made of multiple Bloks needs to be relocated from a site, the same standard lifting and transport would be used to easily move your home. A Blokable account manager can also guide you through the details and requirements.

Do I have to hire a general contractor to connect to site utilities?

Yes – the Blokable architectural/planning in-house support team can assist clients.

Do they meet regulatory requirements?

Bloks are built to meet or exceed IBC standards as well as state regulations regarding pre-built factory dwellings.

Do you provide discounts for volume purchases

We can work with you to find the appropriate pricing to meet the size of your purchase.

How long does it take from the time I place an order to installation on site?

Bloks are built to order in a factory. Typical “site built” construction delays due of labor, weather and materials shortages can be eliminated through our factory manufacture. On average, factory construction enables a manufactured building to be finished 30% faster than site built construction.

To how many stories can they stack

Bloks can be stacked up to 5 stories or over a site built podium. The height depends on which Blokable unit type you are using. We are continually innovating and recommend contacting a Blokable account manager for multi-family buildings to discuss your needs.

What about seismic and structural issues?

Blokable units meet current or exceed structural codes for seismic and wind.

What are the largest and smallest configurations?

Bloks can be configured in hundreds of ways through a selection of standard Bloks. Our standard Bloks are built in 26’, 30’ and 34’ lengths.

What are the options for interior and exterior finishes

Blokables interiors come in three levels of interior fit and finish; Basic, Mid, Premium. The fastest way to get your Blokable configuration is to pick from one of these levels. Each level is carefully selected materials, appliances, and systems that allow you to finish out a Blokable at the price point that fits your budget. It’s simpler for you and easier for us too. If our selections just don’t meet your needs or desires, a Blokable sales associate can guide you through the process.

What site work is required to install?

Dependent on the site – Blokable has an architectural/planning/engineering in-house support team to support clients in all aspects of their projects.

What’s the cost per square foot?

Bloks are offered with a wide selection of features and finish levels. Our current offerings price per square foot range from $150 to $300.

Where can I see a demo model?

You can schedule a demo at our demo sites at our factory in Vancouver, WA and at our remote office in Kirkland, WA. To schedule a demo, please contact

Where can you deliver them

Bloks can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S.

Where do you build them

Bloks are built at our state of the art manufacturing facilities in Vancouver, WA.

Who is responsible for permits and inspections

Blokable is responsible for permitting Bloks with state regulatory agencies, and the Blokable architectural/planning in-house support team can assist clients in obtaining permits for site work and local regulatory agencies.