Homes and ADUs

Simple, open floor plans with thoughtfully curated spaces for living. Every home comes with BlokSense, our vertically integrated software / hardware system.

Impact Development

Our manufactured and prefinished building modules come in a range of sizes and configurations called “Bloks”, providing living, communal, and service delivery spaces for your specific needs.

Multi-family Development

We build the Bloks and prepare the package of custom features, while your contractors apply for site permits, prepare the site, and build the foundation.

The new home of smarter building


We’re dedicated to creating appealing homes that make people feel at home, where they can spend days and nights in peace, safety, and comfort.



Blokable’s beauty lies in its versatility. The system can be adapted for all kinds of housing needs, to suit a wide range of environments and populations.



Blokable Projects are completed faster, with less unknown variables than traditional building projects. The ability to disassemble, move and re-use Blokable units make it a sound investment for builders, developers, and municipalities.


Each Blok is a fully connected smart home with easy to use controls and alerts.

Energy efficiency

Blokable residents and community managers have visibility and control over power usage.

Scene Management

Residents can ‘set and forget’ scenes to bundle smart home functions. Control lights, security, power outlets, and temperature with a single touch and set the Blok into ‘Home’, ‘Away’, ‘Sleep’, or ‘Vacation’ mode.

Fingertip Control

Touch control HVAC, lights, security, and energy consumption in a central, easy to use interface.

Frequently asked questions
You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.
Are they energy efficient?

Yes, Blokable units meet current energy codes and are prepared for a project LEED rating. Bloks are built to meet or exceed current energy standards and because each Blok comes with advanced smart home technology, each controls the efficient use of electricity, water, and interior climate. We are installing the most energy efficient systems available today, and constantly developing methods to increase efficiency.

Can I access the mechanical systems to make repairs or upgrades

Bloks are designed to service almost all its systems without the necessity of opening walls in most cases. Where it can not be achieved we will have a detailed shop manual of videos detailing the steps to maintain our systems. Our systems will be fully upgradeable for both hardware and software. Upgrades will be intuitive and simple so the homeowner can make repairs and upgrades through our video training.

Can I add new devices to the BlokSense system?

BlokSense enables the seamless addition and upgrade of a myriad of current “smart home” devices and features. We have built in a robust and flexible system created for today’s technology and expansion into future technologies.

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